Can Composite Decking Be Painted?

Can Composite Decking Be Painted?It’s understandable that as a homeowner, you occasionally want to change things inside and outside of your house. A more unique trend that some people choose to participate in is painting their deck. While this makes sense for wood decks, you may be wondering if your composite deck can be painted. 

Composite decks technically can be painted if you go through all of the necessary prepwork—this includes cleaning, sanding, and priming. However, since composite decks are low maintenance and designed without the need for painting or finishing, this is quite a lot of unnecessary effort to go through. Here’s why you’re better off leaving your beautiful composite deck as is:

Composite Doesn’t Absorb Moisture Like Wood

The reason why wood can be painted is because it is porous, and therefore, great at absorbing wet paint. Composite decking, on the other hand, is nonporous, making it much harder for paint to properly adhere to its surface. 

Your Composite Deck Should Never Fade

While you might want to paint your deck out of sheer boredom, homeowners are more likely to embark on a project like this when their deck’s old finish or color has faded or peeled. Since composite decking is designed to retain color quite well, you’ll probably never have to deal with this. .

You May Void a Warranty

Luckily, many composite decking systems are protected by a manufacturer warranty. However, if you choose to undergo a painting project and damage your deck in the process, you may end up voiding the warranty and putting yourself in a pickle. 

Check out our blog for additional composite decking maintenance and advice, or contact the team at Tundraland today to discuss having a custom deck built at your home.


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