Bathroom Safety Equipment: What Does Medicare Cover?

Close-up view of a bathtub with a sliding shower doorWhether you’re physically disabled or preparing for old age, you may be remodeling your bathroom to suit your changing medical needs. Where does Medicare come into it? Well, depending on your specific plan, Medicare might assist with partial or full reimbursement of bathroom safety equipment, such as grab bars, raised toilet seats, or even a walk-in shower. Before you spend money out of pocket on so many modifications, it would be helpful to know what Medicare may cover throughout your remodel. This article from Tundraland, a trusted bathroom remodeler in Wisconsin and Minnesota, can be a resource for you when it comes to bathroom safety equipment coverage

Does Medicare Cover Bathroom Remodels?

This is the main topic of discussion today: exploring whether Medicare covers bathroom remodels and specific safety equipment. Having an answer to this is crucial for individuals who are looking to enhance their bathroom’s accessibility and safety. While Medicare doesn’t fund complete bathroom remodels, it does offer coverage for certain medically necessary equipment under Part B, which encompasses Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Understanding these distinctions and what shower or bathtub accessibility improvements might be covered can significantly streamline your decision-making process.

What Aspects of Bathroom Safety Medicare May Cover

Most Medicare plans do not cover bathroom safety equipment, as they are seen as convenience items rather than medical devices. With Medicare, the bathroom safety equipment needs to be considered medically necessary before they will consider covering it. However, certain plans make exceptions depending on the equipment. Usually these items must meet stringent criteria, such as being durable, prescribed by a doctor, and intended for regular use in the home. Additionally, they should not be useful to someone who isn’t sick or injured and should have a projected lifespan of at least three years.

If you require that certain accessibility improvements are covered, you’ll want to be safe by consulting with your doctor about your medical needs and purchasing your bathroom safety equipment through one of Medicare’s approved suppliers. Depending on your specific plan and medical needs, Medicare may cover a partial or full reimbursement for:

  • Bedside commode (if the patient cannot use the toilet in their bathroom)
  • Raised toilet seats (if the patient is unable to transfer in and out of the tub)
  • Walk-in tubs or showers for those who cannot use a normal bath or shower
  • Shower chairs
  • Grab bars

For more information about what bathroom safety equipment you need and what your Medicare plan includes, you’ll need to contact Medicare and your doctor directly. However, if you feel the need to make some changes regardless of your personal bathroom safety equipment coverage, you can get started right away.

Bathroom Safety and Accessibility Consultations at Tundraland

At Tundraland, we do more than just install luxurious Jacuzzi® bathtubs and customized shower systems; we also offer accessibility features to make your bathing space more functional. Our team excels at providing expert consultation services to help you navigate the complex landscape of Medicare coverage. We can assist by walking you through options, identifying equipment that may be eligible for Medicare coverage, and facilitating discussions between you and your provider to determine medical necessity. This ensures you receive the necessary support and guidance to make your bathroom safer and more accessible while adhering to Medicare’s guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare and Bathroom Safety Accessories

Take some time to browse through these FAQs and see if your specific questions have been answered. If you still have concerns, reach out to our team!

Q: Does Medicare Cover the Installation of Walk-in Tubs?

A: Medicare generally does not cover walk-in tubs. However, if your doctor can prove it is medically necessary, it might be covered under certain Medicare Advantage plans.

Q: What Bathroom Modifications Does Medicare Recommend?

A: Medicare suggests that elderly or otherwise mobility impaired homeowners use non-slip surfaces in showers and tubs and install safety devices like grab bars to reduce the risk of injury while bathing. It also recommends removing obstacles that hinder mobility and installing adequate lighting to improve visibility at night.

Q: What Should I Discuss With My Doctor Regarding Medicare and Bathroom Safety?

A: It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about the medical necessity of specific bathroom safety equipment. They can advise you on what modifications would be most beneficial for your needs as well as help you navigate the requirements to potentially secure coverage under Medicare.

Q: What Types of Accessible Bathroom Products Do You Offer?

A: At Tundraland, we offer several kinds of accessible bathroom products, from walk-in tubs and low-threshold showers to add-on features like seating and grab bars.

Q: How Do You Ensure the Quality of Your Products?

A: Tundraland is an authorized Jacuzzi Bath Remodel dealer. As such, we install Jacuzzi® products known for their durability and innovative designs. Additionally, all installations are performed by skilled professionals who ensure that every component is properly fitted. We stand behind our installations with warranties for your peace of mind.

Q: Are There Options Available in Case Medicare Won’t Help?

A: Yes! We offer various financing options to help make your bathroom accessibility modifications more affordable if Medicare won’t help you. Prospective customers can discuss financing plans during a consultation with a Tundraland representative.

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Understanding the nuances of what is covered under Medicare can be challenging, but homeowners in Minnesota and Wisconsin can turn to Tundraland for the guidance they need to make informed decisions about upgrading a bathroom safely on a budget. Contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation and discuss your bathroom remodeling goals in depth. We install a variety of bathroom safety modifications and look forward to helping upgrade your bathroom to suit your needs.

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