Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Bathroom Remodeling TrendsBathrooms are a popular way for homeowners to express their creativity and style. The latest bathroom design trends are highly customizable and versatile, giving homeowners a wealth of options to explore for their next remodel. Whether you’re swapping out hardware or completely gutting the room, there are many design choices available to match your taste.

Adding Windows

Windows in the bathroom are normally kept small for privacy reasons, but the benefit of natural light is prompting many homeowners to add skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows with a subtle privacy tint.

Banishing the Bathtub

While tubs are still a big seller for master bathrooms, shower-only bathrooms are becoming more and more popular. The simplicity and frequent use of a large, walk-in shower can outweigh the benefits of bulky bathtubs.

Multiple Showerheads

Why have one showerhead when you can have two? With so many options ranging from standard wall mounts to waterfalls to adjustable slide bars, it’s no wonder people are opting for multiple showerheads.

Frameless Glass

Walls of glass blocks and mildewed shower curtains are a thing of the past. A recent popular trend points to frameless glass, giving a bathroom a clean, modern look. Contrasted with unique tiling or a pebbled floor, the shower can become a striking focal point.

Heated Tiles

Radiant heating underneath bathroom tiles is a luxurious feature for homeowners, ensuring that you’ll never step on an ice-cold floor on the way to the shower. Relatively easy to install, it can be used as supplemental heat or your primary heat source depending on your preferences.

Vessel Sinks

Large vessel sinks imitate a washbasin style with a contemporary, elegant feel. Their unique, customizable features and spa-like aesthetics are a popular choice among homeowners seeking a more modern look.

Wall Mount Faucets

These faucet features protrude from the wall instead of the sink’s pedestal or countertop. They fit best with non-traditional sink styles and have a stunning, modern look.

With so many stylish trends to consider, a bathroom upgrade is an exciting undertaking. Contact us if you have questions about how we can help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

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