Bathroom Design Tips Via Pinterest

Pinterest Bathroom TipsAre you planning on renovating your bathroom? Or maybe you’re thinking about it but are having a hard time choosing the look and feel of your new space? No matter the case, we have tips to help you design your bathroom! Whether your bathroom is big, small, new or old, the experts at Tundraland are here to help you create the space of your dreams.

Small Spaces

Making your tiny bathroom functional can often seem like a tough battle, however there are a handful of things you can do to make your small space work for you!

Storage Ideas:

Fixtures & Accessories:

  • Sleek sink – When your space is already limited, don’t use more of it than necessary with bulky fixtures. Choose a slim, standalone sink so you can maximize the rest of your bathroom footage.
  • Large mirror – Want to make your bathroom feel larger than it really is? Create an illusion of a grandiose space by adding a large mirror above your sink.


  • Bright colors – When it’s time to paint your bathroom, stay away from dark colors like deep grays, blues or greens. Instead choose lighter, neutral colors that will help your space feel brighter and more spacious, such as cream, yellow or aqua.

Vintage Charm

If you live in an older home you may want to give your bathroom an upgrade, but would like to keep the period feel. If this is the case for your home, there are many ways you can update your space while still keeping the character you love.

Storage Ideas:

  • Visit a local thrift or resale shop to find a vintage medicine cabinet that matches the period or style of your home.
  • Many old homes have radiators, which can cause wasted space. The solution? Make a radiator cover! Add as many shelves and other bells and whistles needed to maximize your storage.

Fixtures & Accessories:

  • New Old Tile – Often bathrooms in older homes feature tile in some way, whether it’s a tiled shower or floor. If your tiles are in rough shape, look for a store that specializes in tiles so you can keep the old feel of your bathroom.
  • Pedestal sink – Choosing the right pedestal sink to match your home’s period will help take your bathroom back in time. To make your sink even more historically accurate, opt for antique porcelain knobs.
  • Bathroom mirror – find a bathroom mirror to match the period of your home. For example, if you have a 1920’s home, a simple way to add some character is hanging an art deco mirror.


  • Bold colors – Since older bathrooms usually feature white tile and fixtures, your walls and accessories are a great opportunity to add pops of colors. Choose bolder colors like burgundy, green or a deep blue.

More Modern

On the flip side your home may be newer, or maybe you’re planning on building a new home. If this is the case, you might be seeking a more modern bathroom.


Fixtures & Accessories:

  • Vanity with built-in sinks – Modern décor is all about sleek lines, so having a vanity where the sink(s) seamlessly integrate is a simple way to achieve this style.


  • Neutral colors – To match the sleek look of the contemporary style, clean colors like white, beige, cream and gray are often a good fit.

If you have a remodel coming up and are in need of replacement tubs and liners, walk-in showers, a tub to shower conversion or other bathroom remodeling services, we’re here to help! Contact Tundraland today for more information.

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