Bathroom Deep Cleaning 101

Deep Bathroom Cleaning 101 Infographic
Be honest, how often do you really clean your bathroom? Including all the nooks and crannies? The team at Tundraland knows firsthand that quick cleaning is great for day to day maintenance, but it can’t replace the deep clean your bathroom deserves!

Germs, bacteria and dust collect over time in any bathroom and a thorough cleaning can help improve the look and feel of the space, not to mention you and your family’s health!

Let’s get started cleaning your bathroom, with our handy checklist and quick tips to stay on track:

1. Remove all non-essential and loose bathroom items from the room: Gather up non-essentials like dirty clothes, towels, clutter and trash first. Then, move out “loose” articles like rugs, toothbrush holders, shower curtains or decorative plants. This includes items in any drawers or cupboards.

2. Start with the ceilings: Focus on dusty fans, vents and corners first. After dusting, wipe down vents and fan blades with warm, soapy water and if your ceiling square footage isn’t too large, wipe down the ceiling while you’re at it. Be sure to dry off fans and vents before using.

3. Clean and disinfect all surfaces: Use appropriate cleaners for every surface of the room, including countertops, shelving, mirrors, windows and sinks. Be sure to read usage labels on all products before using.

4. Clean the toilet and bath/shower: Rinse out the bath and/or shower unit before using cleaning products. Don’t forget corners, showerheads and tile grout. If you’re cleaning the toilet, make sure to scrub the inside and outside, taking care to clean under the lid and seat.

5. Sweep floors: Sweep or vacuum the floors first to pick up any loose dust or dirt.

6. Mop floors: Use a cleaner that is safe on your floor type and don’t avoid the tight corners.

7. Clean your trashcan: A poorly neglected bathroom furniture piece, the trashcan needs a wash just as badly as the rest of the room. Clean the interior and exterior, finishing with a disinfectant.

8. Return all items to bathroom: Now that the hard part is over, return your items back to where they belong, organizing during the process. Take care to throw out any products that you haven’t used in a while, and look for expired products and medications to dispose of as well.

What’s your strategy to maintaining a spotless bathroom? Every bathroom installed by Tundraland features Silver Shield antibacterial technology, which eliminates microscopic organisms that cause mildew and mold to grow, because we are committed to clean, beautiful bathrooms, If your bathroom is in need of more than just a deep cleaning, we’d love to talk to you about how we can help! From replacement tubs to walk-in showers, our team of experts can transform your bathroom and give you a cleaner, more functional space. Contact us today!

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