6 Sneaky Tricks to Making Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Let’s be honest, most people probably wish they had a bigger bathroom. There are plenty of reasons for wanting more space, but how can you make it happen without adding on square footage? Tundraland offers plenty of beautiful bath remodel options, and there are also plenty of things you can do on your own. Check out these creative ideas to making your bathroom look and feel spacious:

Match Your Color Palette Pinterest via Hawthorne & Main

Match Your Color Palette

Contrast is good, but not when you’re shooting for the illusion of extra space. According to designer Carla Aston, contrasting colors can break up a room making it look smaller. Try to do the following to boost your visual square inches:

  • Paint your ceiling the same or a similar color as your walls
  • Blend your tile colors to your wall
  • If color transitions are needed, make it as smooth and clean as possible

Choose a Big Mirror

Adding a large mirror will “grow” nearly any tight space. Try to find a mirror that climbs and meets the ceiling, or hang a decorative light in front to amplify its sparkle.

Reduce Clutter

Reduce Clutter Pinterest via House Logic

Are your lotions, soaps and other toiletries sitting out in plain sight? Do cosmetics cover every surface? Cutting back on clutter can be a huge facelift, especially for a small bathroom space. Finding creative ways to organize and store things out of sight can help make your room appear cleaner and larger. Check out some tips from Home & Garden Television on sorting, tossing and organizing.

Opt for a Small Vanity

Consider switching out your large vanity for something smaller. Home expert Bob Vila explains that replacing your larger vanity can open up the bathroom space, exposing more square footage.

Maximize Natural Light Pinterest via This Old House

Maximize on Natural Light

The more natural light, the better. Avoid sacrificing sunshine for privacy and don’t skip on big, illuminating windows. Try a translucent window shade, private stain glass pattern, or slight tint instead of shutters, thick blinds or opaque coverings. Skylights can be an excellent window alternative that brings plenty of light into the small space without sacrificing privacy.

Glass Shower Door Pinterest via Better Homes & Gardens

Install a Clear Shower Door or Wall

Your shower counts as floor space, and removing the visual wall from your bathroom space and the shower is a helpful way to extend the appearance of the room. The clean, simplistic look of a glass shower door is a modern and attractive way to get the effect. Walk-in showers are also a great style that offers both visual appeal and convenience.

Ready to start your next project with some of these creative decorating and renovation ideas? Get in touch with Tundraland if you’re considering a replacement tub or a tub to shower conversion as part of your small bathroom space makeover.

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