15 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home

Reduce your utility bills and help protect the environment by going green at home. Check out these easy tips for making a big difference for the environment, without leaving your home. Recycle

Although recycling may be a no-brainer, it’s important to remember the rules and guidelines of proper recycling. In Wisconsin, materials like glass containers, office paper, milk jugs and electronics are all banned from landfills and incinerator disposal. Check the DNR’s Recycling Rules before you toss anything out.


Creating your own compost is easy! It cuts back on waste, and provides you with rich humus for your own garden or lawn. Keep food and yard waste out of landfills and grow bigger, better flowers, fruit and veggies at home by following the EPA’s tips for composting at home.

Grow Your Own

Why spend money and gas taking a trip to the grocery store when you can grow plenty of produce at home? Take advantage of our warm Wisconsin weather this summer (and your new compost pile!)  by growing your own fruits and vegetables. Beans, broccoli, lettuce, peas, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes and raspberries are all easy choices for the beginner gardener in northeast Wisconsin.

Utilize Rainwater

What about watering your plants? Invest in a rain barrel or simply leave a few buckets outside during the next shower and you have clean, free water! Use it to water your garden and lawn to cut back on your water bill.

Limit Shower Time

Set a timer during your showers to keep yourself from wasting excess water. If each of your family members cut back just a few minutes a day, your home can save hundreds of gallons of water each year. Good for the environment (and your expenses!)

Invest in Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Old windows and doors don’t provide a tight seal that’s needed to keep cool air inside during warmer months and warm air inside during cooler months. Making an investment in energy efficient windows and doors can provide lasting energy savings and comfort for your home for years to come. Check out Tundraland’s wide variety of energy efficient window options.

Turn Off and Unplug Electronics

Finished with your your latest Netflix marathon on your laptop? Turn off and unplug. Finished making your morning cup of joe? Turn off and unplug. Keeping electronics running or even plugged in when not in use wastes more energy than you think.

Reuse Containers

Instead of buying new Tupperware every few months, reuse glass and plastic containers that come with many popular grocery items like deli meat containers, canned fruit and vegetable jars, milk jugs and margarine tubs.

Opt Out of Junk Mail

Nobody likes junk mail, so do yourself and the environment a favor by opting out of junk mail lists. The Federal Trade Commission provides several options for making it happen.

Turn Down the Heat and Turn Up the A/C

Your home shouldn’t feel like a sauna in the winter and an icy tundra in the summer. Turn up the heat by just a few degrees in the winter and turn up the A/C temp in the summer for big energy savings.


ENERGY STAR bulbs, appliances and other products help contribute to considerable energy savings without sacrificing comfort, performance or features. Browse the list of ENERGY STAR certified products to find new ways to go green.

Replace Bottled Water with Tap Water

Tap water is exponentially cheaper than bottled water and often times even cleaner. Cut out plastic and fill up a reusable water bottle for keeping hydrated on the go.

Cut Out Unnecessary Chemicals in Cleaners

Try using environmentally friendly cleaning products with little or no harsh chemicals which can be detrimental to both the environment and your family’s health.

Keep Your Dishwashing Loads Full

Only have half a load? Wait an extra meal or day to run your dishwasher. A full dishwasher uses less water and energy to get your dishes clean which means both energy and utility savings.

Fix Leaky Faucets

A small leak may not seem like a big deal, but the wasted water adds up over time. Fix your leaky faucets or pipes to reduce wasted water in your home.

How are you embracing green living? Connect with us on Facebook or contact a Tundraland representative to learn more about we can help with your next green home remodeling project.

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