As one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, it’s no wonder that remodeling your bathroom is a priority for so many homeowners. But what if you want to improve the look of your bath without a major investment? Consider a beautiful, durable bath wall surround from the pros at Tundraland! We offer custom designs, unique styles and certified installation by our team of experts—and all at affordable prices!

Tundraland is a locally-owned, top quality home improvement company that specializes in American-made products. When you’re ready to transform your Green Bay, Wausau, or Milwaukee bathroom, we’ll set up an appointment with one of our representatives. He or she will come to your home to prepare and estimate and help you come up with the perfect plan for your Madison, Wausau, or Milwaukee bath remodel.

Wisconsin Bath and Shower Surrounds

When you work with Tundraland, our team of professionals will create a design that’s unique to your space and created to fit perfectly. All of our bath wall surrounds are created out of high-quality, American-made acrylic, so you can rest assured it’s made to last. Our bath wall surrounds are also non-porous, require very little maintenance, and can be formed in a range of colors and styles to perfectly match your existing décor and style.

Once you’ve decided on a final design, our installation team will completely remove your outdated systems and install your final products, often in as little as one day. This process may be more work for our team, but it lets us take care of any water damage, mold, or mildew and to change out the plumbing in the walls, install a new mixing valve, new drain and trap. Don’t settle for the quick fix when Tundraland can update and upgrade your bathroom for you! We are nationally ranked as a Top 500 remodeling firm by Qualified Remodeler, so you can count on our industry expertise and professionalism. Call us today or fill out our quick form to get started choosing your new Wisconsin bath wall surrounds!

Save $500 on your bath or shower system with no payments for 1 year.

Discover what thousands of people already know: When you meet a member of the Tundraland team, expect passionate, genuine enthusiasm!

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