There are few things better than taking a relaxing, hot bath in your new tub after a long day. Whether you live in Green Bay, Madison, Wausau, or Milwaukee, if you think that the bathroom remodeling project you've always wanted is out of reach, think again! When you work with the experienced experts at Tundraland, we can transform the look of your bathroom and install a brand new replacement tub in as little as one day!

Whether you're dealing with mold, mildew, an outdated style, or any sort of damage on your tub, our team can take care of it, quickly and easily. After all, the costs of a broken or damaged bathtub can add up fast. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a showerhead leaking at 10 drips per minute wastes more than 500 gallons of water per year. That’s the same amount of water needed to run your dishwasher 60 times! If your shower or tub is old, has plumbing issues or is in need of a facelift, it’s time to consider a new bath system from Tundraland.

Wisconsin Bathtub Replacement

Don't wait to get your new replacement tub—if you’re in Green Bay, Madison, or Milwaukee call Tundraland today! As a locally-owned company and industry leader in bathroom remodeling, you can count on us for the highest quality services and products--guaranteed. After many years in the business, we know that just as no two customers are the same, no two Wisconsin bathroom remodeling projects are the same, either. When you're looking for a new replacement tub for your home, we always send one of our knowledgeable designers to prepare an in-home estimate and discuss all of our product options with you to come up with the perfect solution for your unique Wausau, Madison, Green Bay, or Milwaukee bathroom remodeling project.

Another benefit to choosing a Tundraland bath system over a liner or insert is that in addition to getting the bath enclosure, which includes the base and wall surrounds, you also get the new fixtures for your replacement shower or tub, giving your bathroom a clean, new look. Why wait? Call Tundraland today to learn more about our valuable product offerings and to get started on your Wisconsin tub replacement today!

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Discover what thousands of people already know: When you meet a member of the Tundraland team, expect passionate, genuine enthusiasm!

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